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Dow Jones Index was the first index in the world and it was created in 1885. However, from 1885 to 2020, many things have changed regarding indices. Today we have ETFs, Index options, Spread Betting and CFDs, which are one of the primary indices products.

Index CFDs are an easy yet effective way for traders to make gains from stock indices. Some traders trade multiple times within a day using short-term swing trading methods. Others choose long-term trades. Index trading is popular all around the world, but the most popular indexes are SP500, US30, AUS200 and UK100.

Real economic growth is an important factor in determining the price of indices. However, indices may rise as a result of increased appetite for risky assets. Experts often compare the performance of indices of different countries in order to identify and benefit from the opportunities in the market.

ProductMargin rate up toMinimum SpreadValue of 1 lot
DAX3010010 cent25
SP50010025 cent50
NQ10010050 cent20
DOW30100200 cent5