Buy Bitcoin 50

Anyone who has a Briton Markets account or is considering opening a new account will receive a 50% bonus to with their first investment in Bitcoin.

Campaign Rules

  • The investor can benefit from the Bitcoin bonus after depositing the initial fund by opening a real account in Briton markets. Since this bonus is only valid for the first investment, it can only be used once.
  • The maximum bonus amount that can be received from the Bitcoin bonus is $10,000.
  • The initial funding amount in Briton markets must be at least $100.
  • Investors who benefit from this campaign cannot benefit from any other campaign except for the stop out campaign.
  • For detailed information about the campaign, contact the Briton Markets Customer Service.
  • Briton Markets reserves the right to change the rules of this campaign or cancel the campaign entirely. The investor is under the obligation to follow the current rules of the campaign.
  • If the user is found to be involved in illegal activities or cheating, their account will be closed by Briton Markets without any exceptions.