Account Transfer Bonus

If you transfer your account to Briton markets, you will receive an Account Transfer Bonus of 50% of your initial investment.

Promotion Rules

  • Account transfer bonus is a bonus of 50% of the amount that is deposited into the forex account which is moved from a different broker to Briton markets.
  • Each investor can benefit from this campaign only once.
  • The maximum bonus amount that can be earned from the 50% Account Transfer Bonus is $20,000.
  • The bonus amount earned acts as a supplement to increase the margin level in forex transactions and cannot be withdrawn. However, the profit made by using the bonus can be withdrawn. In case of a stop out after the bonus is received and if the amount remaining in the trader's account after the stop out is equal to the bonus amount or less, the amount remaining in his / her account will be regarded as equivalent to the bonus he / she has received, so no withdrawal request can be made for this amount.
  • In order to participate in this campaign, investors need to contact the Briton Markets Customer Service.
  • Briton Markets reserves the right to change the rules of this campaign or cancel the campaign entirely. The investor has the obligation to stay up to date with the current rules of the campaign.
  • If the investor withdraws his / her principal investment, the bonus will be deducted from the account he / she received while depositing his / her principal investment. If the user is found to be involved in illegal activities or cheating, their account will be closed by Briton Markets without any exceptions.